Thursday, March 27, 2008

Day 1

Tonight I am spreading the word there will be a Crochet out in NYC this year Whooo hoooo. Now just to pull it all together by the 21st booo hooo LOL just kidding but I am sure there will be some tears b 4 it's all over. Pray for me y'all I need all the help I can get. Why Crochet Out & not Knit Out you may be wondering well I figure since the group who is whipping this Soiree into shape is a group of multi talented hookas we would put our lil spin on it so Crochet Out it is. I put out some pretty big feelers this evening trying to make this an extra special event so wish me luck. I will try to keep this blog as up to date as I can please feel free to contact me @ with any ???



If you would like to volunteer or participate in the fashion show please feel free to use the above email to join on in.

Nite nite

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