Wednesday, May 28, 2008


We will be having speed crochet/knit contests so get your practice on.

Rules: knitting/crochet speeds over 3 minutes.
Fastest Knitting Speed = Garter Stitch (knit every row) across a row of 60 stitches, using (No 8) 4mm. needles and DK yarn. Highest score so far is 180 stitches (3 rows).
Fastest Crochet Speed = 20 stitches in treble crochet and 3 chain turn, using 5mm hook and double knit yarn. Each treble crochet counts as 4 points. Highest score so far 92 points.

I am trying to work out a currency exchange, currency being books, mags, hooks & needles. It will be a store basically your money is of course any books, mags, hooks or needles you don't use or are not interested in any more in good condition I can not stress GOOD condition you know no marks minimal rips please have all the pages & no bends or rust (that's for the hooks & needles).
You bring in the items you will recieve a ticket for the value assigned and you will proceed into the room to shop. I will get back to you on the final decision if you have any suggestions please feel free I am open.


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