Friday, June 6, 2008

Advanced Tech Classes

I don't have a complete listing of the classes yet but when I do I will list them here and you will have to pre register the classes are first come first serve so please don't forget to check back often if you wish to join the informational mailing list just send me your email address & I will let you know when there is an update. In the title just type mailing list.


coffeewcream46 said...

Hey Cherise,

What does "advanced tech' mean, does it mean that I need to be advanced to join the group or will I be advanced when I finsh the group???? (Smile)


Ms. Thang Cherise said...

It means you will be learning a tech that you might not know so you already have to know how to crochet/knit you know like the pentagon you are supposed to be making ;-p