Friday, July 4, 2008

Been a while

I know, I know I have been MIA but it was completely technical not that I was neglecting you guys or our event so here I am back on the WWW & in full functionality. COOL BEANS LOL

OK down to biz
we need you guys to join the cause if you planned on joining in please don't wait until the last min let us know so we can start generating a list so we have an idea of where we will need more assistance.

crochet & knit teachers 4 beginners
fashion show workers & coord
clean up & set up crew
bag packers
charity table coord
currency exchange workers
welcome table workers

we are asking for at least an hour of service please let us know where & when you want to work when you answer the call. A response is needed ASAP so we can get this list together.



LoraSara said...

I can volunteer two hours, any time.

Ms. Thang Cherise said...

Thank you I will add your name to the list

Pat said...

Would like info on this event. What, where, when? Is there a website or link to go to?

Anonymous said...

I can volunteer time, and teach..Knitting more than crochet but maybe too ;)
Where and when ?

Eddy said...

Hey there, I tried to mail your crochet-out e-mail address, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to post here too. I am from a student group at Columbia, and we would love to send a group of volunteers to the Crochet Out. We can put in up to 3-4 hours. Can you get back to me for specifics on volunteering? Thanks, look forward to working with you. -Eddy, eg2244 at columbia dot edu.

Ms. Thang Cherise said...

Everyone who wants to help out please send an email to and let them know. Where you want to help what time you will arrive how long you will stay and they will put you on the schedule